Chicago Nerd Social Club

More than just a great name and a great idea, the Chicago Nerd Social Club is an active, welcoming group that does some seriously cool stuff.  Upcoming events include a field trip to Fermilab and a tour of tall ships.  They have a book club, their own blog — all sorts of good stuff.  I was fortunate enough to be invited to a recent author panel that they hosted in conjunction with Open Books and Just Write Chicago, which was well attended and full of great conversation about writing and publishing.

CNSC LogoCNSC also has its own podcast, which started recently.  Jeff Smith, co-founder of CNSC and host of the podcast, invited me to do an interview about Upload, some of its themes, and the writing process.  Check it out: CNSC Podcast Episode 8: Upload Your Consciousness.

UPLOAD on Tech Take

Thanks to Arthel Neville and producer Kevin Tracy for having me on Tech Take yesterday, a program. It was a great opportunity for me to promote Upload, despite the apparent disconnect on what the interview was supposed to be about. I was expecting questions regarding computers and their potential effect on human evolution, and was caught off guard when the topic turned out to be more along the lines of how computers are affecting our brains. (It turns out hosts were switched out at the last minute, and there must have been some miscommunication.) Knowing it was live, I did my best to roll with it.


This was my first TV appearance since I was on QuizBusters in high school. It turns out it’s really hard for me to look at the camera when I’m sitting alone listening to an audio feed in one ear — it just feels so unnatural.

For anyone curious about the book, it’s a near-future science-fiction novel about the first person to upload his consciousness to a computer. Read the About the Book page to learn more, or check it out on GoodReads. It’s available at major booksellers, including Amazon, where it was recently on the Top 100 High Tech Science Fiction bestsellers list.  More info on purchasing the book on the Where to Buy page.

“Chicago Science Fiction Author Releases ‘Upload’”

Very exciting to get a little local media attention from WBBM Newsradio, here in Chicago:

Thanks to Terry Keshner for interviewing me and getting me some Chicago airtime!

It’s fun to hear myself as the guy-on-the-phone in a radio interview. Although this just aired today, at the time it was recorded it was actually my first audio interview, and I was nervous as hell.

Author Mark McClelland Reveals All!

Find out about my childhood habit of “car trips” in the living room, how I use functional poetry to fight my mild addiction to video games, what my personal utopia might look like, and much much more in my second author interview.

Jayme Beddingfield - 340 x 317Thanks so much to Jayme Beddingfield for reaching out and offering to interview me.  I had great fun, and I feel like doing interviews is forcing me to think through my own story — an unexpected benefit of publishing my novel and pursuing.

Jayme Beddingfield: Self-published author of the Emerald City Night Series, comic book devourer, shamelessly obsessed with zombies, and Diet Dr Pepper addict.