The Joe Show

Thanks to Joe Teehan for having me on “The Joe Show” to talk about the future union of humans and computers, and about Upload.  You can catch the interview on the KGMI-AM website (see “The Joe Show for 4/22/13“) or listen to the MP3 here, trimmed down to just my segment.

In doing these radio interviews, I find myself gradually fleshing out my ability to talk about ideas and concerns that flopped around in my head through the many years of writing Upload.  I finally touched on one issue in particular that’s important to me, which could be in its early stages already:

We as a species have a role as caretakers of the planet, and as we isolate ourselves from the planet through a layer of virtual existence, we lose touch with that.  We could become more prone than ever to abusing the world that made it all possible.

Radio Interview on “Maritime Morning Weekend Edition” with Scott Simpson, News 95.7

I just did a live radio interview on Maritime Morning Weekend Edition on News 95.7, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This one was the most fun yet.  Thanks so much to Scott Simpson for doing such a great job and taking the conversation in so many fascinating directions!

You can listen to the audio on the News 95.7 website (it starts about half way through the hour), or listen to the MP3 here, which I’ve edited to contain only the relevant portion of the show.

Radio Interview With Pamela McCall on “Victoria’s News Authority”

I did my first live interview on Thursday, with Pamela McCall of “Victoria’s News Authority”, on Cfax1070. I even had a caller, a man who works in computer security and was curious about the potential of someone maliciously hacking a computer-based brain. If you’re curious, too, you can listen to the archived copy — my segment starts at 32:32 here on the CFAX website:,-2013-10am

“Chicago Science Fiction Author Releases ‘Upload’”

Very exciting to get a little local media attention from WBBM Newsradio, here in Chicago:

Thanks to Terry Keshner for interviewing me and getting me some Chicago airtime!

It’s fun to hear myself as the guy-on-the-phone in a radio interview. Although this just aired today, at the time it was recorded it was actually my first audio interview, and I was nervous as hell.

Interview with Jason Peffley of

Thanks to Jason Peffley for having me on the podcast:

It’s a long interview, nearly 27 minutes, covering a wide range of topics, mostly surrounding the book: ethical issues of uploading; how soon could it happen; possible “political” complications; what sort of computing changes would be required.

For those who’ve mentioned they’d love a sequel, I reveal some of my early thoughts on what I have in mind for a follow-up to Upload. I also talk a bit about the children’s book I’ve had stewing. I’m still on the fence about which to focus on first.

If you want to know what I sound like when I’m totally faking my way through an interview, listen to the part about Bitcoin.

Op-Ed Piece on The Huffington Post

HuffPost Science - Brain MappingThe Huffington Post invited me to write an op-ed piece, on the potential union of humans and computers.  Monday, it was the featured blog post on Huffington Post Canada, and yesterday it went live on the Science page of the U.S. edition:

Brain Mapping: Will We Be Ready For Humanity 2.0?

I’m blown away by the positive response it’s receiving!

Op-Ed Piece On Huffington Post Canada

Brain MappingThe Huffington Post invited me to write an op-ed piece, on the potential union of humans and computers.  It was the featured blog post on Huffington Post Canada yesterday, and is expected to be posted on the U.S. site soon:

Brain Mapping: Will We Be Ready For Humanity 2.0?

I’m delighted with the response it’s received so far.  Several great comments — I’m looking forward to replying, but haven’t had time.

Lou Wallace’s Review of Upload

Great review of Upload from Lou Wallace, CEO of Digital Media Online:

“The story works on several levels, a cyberspace scifi novel, a romance, but most of all it takes a good look at what may actually be in store not just for our children’s children, but for we ourselves in just a few short decades. Well written, technically intriguing and very imaginative. Once I started I had trouble putting it down.”