It’s Alive!

I finally released my science fiction novel into the world! The creative seeds of the story go all the way back to 1999, the year of The Age of Spiritual Machines and The Matrix. Thirteen years and countless revisions later, Upload is available for purchase on Lulu and Amazon.  Getting it out that has been a lot more exciting than I anticipated.  The response from friends and family has been a great source of joy and pride for me, and has breathed new life into the book.  I suspect it’s due largely to them that my book has reached number 5 on Lulu’s top sellers list, “Top 10 This Week in Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy”.

Day 5, Number 5
Number 5 on Lulu’s “Top 10 This Week in Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy”

Thanks so much to all who have already purchased my book — I hope you enjoy it!  Now I’m working on getting the book out through more channels, and on the long hard road of promoting a self-published novel.

For those of you who have read Upload and thought it was a good book, please spread the word and help a budding indie author!  Ratings and reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and Lulu (for both eBook and paperback editions) make a huge impact on prospective buyers.

I was also very excited to open the package that arrived from Lulu this afternoon and find…

My first ten copies of the paperback edition

I’m hoping to use these to stir up some interest from local bookstores.

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