Upload ePub Is Back

Before I made the eBook version of Upload an Amazon-exclusive, about 98% of my eBook sales were from Amazon. When my 90 day agreement with Amazon was up, I never bothered to republish the eBook elsewhere. I guess I was disillusioned by the Amazon eBook monopoly, and didn’t see the point of making it available for Nook, iTunes Books, Google Play, etc.

But I got this tweet today, and realized I really should get the eBook back up on other sites:

Back in April, I wanted to run a promotion where Upload would be free on Kindle right around the time when the film Transcendence was coming out. Regardless of how good or bad the film was (I personally think it was weak, but didn’t deserve to be hammered by critics), it was a great opportunity for me to draft a marketing giant. I “sold” over 2500 copies in three days, which was huge by my standards. But, in order to take advantage of Amazon’s KDP Select marketing features, such as Countdown Deals, Free Promotions, and free lending via the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, I had to make the eBook available exclusively on Amazon for the 90 day KDP Select membership period. I had to de-list it everywhere else. Since Amazon completly dominated eBook sales, at least where my own book was concerned, this was no great loss for me. In fact, I never bothered to re-list it elsewhere.

Upload available as ePub now on Lulu

Until I got this tweet. So, this morning, I put the time into re-publishing it on Google Play, iTunes Books, Nook Books, Kobo, and Lulu. It will take a few days, and I’ll post here as I see the lights coming on again. Right now, if you are looking for Upload in ePub format, you can definitely find it on Lulu.

Thank you, @Transmitthis, for reminding me that there are in fact people out there reading eBooks on something other than a Kindle.


The eBook is now available on Kobo and Google Play Books as well.

UPLOAD Free on Kindle 4/17 – 4/20!!!

Readers of the award-winning techno-thriller Upload are comparing it to Transcendence, starring Johnny Depp. To celebrate the April 17 release of the film, the Kindle edition of UPLOAD will be FREE 4/17 – 4/20.

Upload Kindle Edition*** UPLOAD Free on Kindle 4/17 – 4/20 ***

Invite friends to the Goodreads event and the Facebook event. Help spread the word!

For a lot of people watching Transcendence, it will be their first exposure to mental uploading and the Singularity. Intrigued by the concept of humanity ditching our biological bodies and moving into computers? If you’re excited — or scared — by what lies on our technological horizon, UPLOAD is a thought-provoking way to explore what this future might look like.

A winner of ForeWord Reviews 2012 Book of the Year Award in Science Fiction, UPLOAD is the story of the first person to upload his mind into a computer, an unlikely hero in an all-too-plausible tale of transhumanism and the Singularity.

To find out more about the book, check it out on Goodreads or right here on the About the Book page.

If you’ve already read UPLOAD and are looking for a different perspective on the same topic, check out David T. Wolf’s Mindclone: When You’re a Brain Without a Body, Can You Still Be Called Human?, a more humorous take on mental uploading that’s been getting great reviews.

Amazon Prime Members, Borrow Upload Free!

From now until June 16, 2014, Amazon Prime members can borrow Mark McClelland’s award-winning science-fiction novel, Upload, from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library for free.

Download Upload on Amazon

Upload is a near-future sci-fi thriller that goes deep into the mind of Raymond Quan, a troubled young hacker with a criminal past and dreams of escaping into a digital utopia of his own creation.  Upload is the story of the first person to upload his mind into a computer, an unlikely hero in an all-too-plausible tale of transhumanism and the singularity.

Intrigued?  Take a look at the About the Book page.  Check it out on Goodreads and Amazon.   Or read what Goodreads Author R.S. Carter has to say about it:

WOW. I LOVED this book. There are so many sides to this book that I could attempt to tackle. But my brain is exhausted from this read. Upload would be a premium selection for any scifi book club.

First there is the issue of ethics. If you could upload a consciousness into virtual reality while simultaneously destroying the physical body, should it be allowed? What if the body was going to die anyhow?

The main character in this novel is a loner. An introverted genius who has joined the Upload project at a local university. He has a past he wishes to escape, but it is that past which created and funded his life. He has plans to upload in the future but all at once, our protagonist is hit from three sides: the Upload project is going to be disbanded because a government committee deemed human upload to be unethical, his criminal past is catching up with him, and finally he discovers real world love for the first time.

Think you know how this book is going to end? You’ll be wrong.

This one takes a turn into a virtual reality adventure. Ready Player One meets The Matrix combined with the God complex of The Lawnmower Man.

My analogy to The Lawnmower Man is a little extreme – it isn’t that severe. But then again, we don’t know the whole story so it might have been more similar than we can imagine. You’ll understand when you read the book. There are some parts of the story intentionally missing.

I’ve read a number of reviews from people who loved the story and the science-fiction, but hated the protagonist. I LOVED Raymond! Sure, he had his character flaws (and some are very dark), but that what makes him such a perfect character for this story. And I’m always a sucker for child geniuses. This is Ender Wiggins as an introvert – hence the Lawnmower Man reference.

Ah, I’m going in circles. Read this book!

Why Isn’t Upload On Google Play Anymore?

If you’re looking for the eBook version of Upload, the only place you’ll find it, between now and June 16, 2014, is on Amazon.  In order to take advantage of Amazon’s KDP Select marketing features, such as Countdown Deals, Free Promotions, and free lending via the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, I had to make the eBook available exclusively on Amazon for the 90 day KDP Select membership period.  When the 90 days are over, I plan to resume distribution of the eBook through Google Play, Barnes & Noble’s Nook Store, iBooks/iTunes, Kobo, and Lulu.

I apologize for the inconvenience to those of you who don’t use a Kindle or prefer to buy your eBooks somewhere other than Amazon.  The fact is, roughly 90% of my eBook sales have come from Amazon, and there’s the potential for KDP Select to significantly improve my book sales. As a first-time self-published author, I’ve found it’s vitally important to experiment with marketing and distribution.

Thanks for bearing with me.  If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me directly, via Twitter (@markproxy) or email (markdmcclelland at gmail).

-Mark McClelland

Personal Challenge: Draft of Next Book Complete By December 31

Today, on my 43 Things profile, I set a personal challenge for myself: to complete the first draft of my next book by the end of the year.  If I fail to achieve my goal, I will give up all non-work-related Internet access for three months.  This seemed like a fitting consequence, given that the most likely thing to distract me from my objective is the Internet.

So, if you enjoyed Upload and you’re hoping for a sequel, get yourself a 43 Things account and cheer me on!

Buy the Print Edition, Get the Kindle eBook for Free

kindle matchbookLooking for a great science-fiction novel for the reader in your life?

Now, when you buy the print edition of Upload at Amazon, you also get the Kindle eBook for free.  Great way to buy someone a gift and keep a copy for yourself, as well!

Short Story in Communications of the ACM

062113_CACMpg112_Where-the-Cross1.large For those of you CS geeks with ACM memberships… check out my short sci-fi story, “Where the Cross-Platform Bends”, in the July issue of Communications of the ACM.

I’m a software developer “by day”. It seems awfully appropriate that my first short story accepted for publication is in a computer-science journal. It has a couple of elements in common with my novel, Upload. And if you’re not familiar with that, you can find out more right here on uploadthenovel.com — see the About the Book section.

Doing My Part For National Flash-Fiction Day

Fans of super-short stories, today (6/22) is National Flash-Fiction Day, and I’m pleased to be playing my own little part. My story, “Lending a Hand”, is up on the FlashFlood journal blog. They’ll be posting stories throughout the day, so keep checking back to read new material.

“Lending a Hand” is a surrealistic story inspired by the work of one of my favorite authors, Barry Yourgrau.

Support a Local Bookseller – Use IndieBound

I just discovered that Upload is now on IndieBound, which means you can easily order the print edition from a local bookseller.

When I typed in my own zip code, I saw Chicago’s The Book Cellar at the top of the list, so I clicked through, and sure enough, you can add Upload to your cart, right there.

Then I noticed that The Book Cellar has partnered with Kobo to bring you eBooks through your local bookseller.  How cool is that?  The easiest way is to search for the eBook by ISBN: 9781300206705.  I tried that on The Book Cellar’s website, and came up with this link to buy the eBook.  Cool stuff.  This looks to be an easy way to avoid the Amazon monoculture.

The Race is On: Upload vs. Upload

I first published Upload as an eBook in September.  At the time, I performed a search and confirmed that the title hadn’t already been used by any book written in English.  I went on to release the paperback in October.

Then, in late December, another book was published with the same title — also a work of fiction.  As you can imagine, I was a little irritated.  Fully three months after I published Upload, somebody chose to publish another technology-centric novel with exactly the same title?  Now, the other Upload has the same number of Amazon reviews as my Upload (13), and I’m worried that my book, which reflects an immense amount of work over thirteen years, is at risk of being overshadowed because someone wasn’t considerate enough to find their own title.

Help keep the original Upload at the top of the search results on Amazon: buy it, rate it, review it, talk about it.

The race is on.  If you enjoyed my Upload, help keep it at the top of the Amazon search results by rating it now.  If the other book by the same title appears to Amazon’s ranking algorithm to be more popular, it will rise above mine in search results, and then there’s the risk that people will confuse it with mine or will never even discover mine.

If you haven’t read Upload yet but have been meaning to, here’s a little extra motivation — bump it to the top of your reading stack, and help me keep my title on top!