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Before I made the eBook version of Upload an Amazon-exclusive, about 98% of my eBook sales were from Amazon. When my 90 day agreement with Amazon was up, I never bothered to republish the eBook elsewhere. I guess I was disillusioned by the Amazon eBook monopoly, and didn’t see the point of making it available for Nook, iTunes Books, Google Play, etc.

But I got this tweet today, and realized I really should get the eBook back up on other sites:

Back in April, I wanted to run a promotion where Upload would be free on Kindle right around the time when the film Transcendence was coming out. Regardless of how good or bad the film was (I personally think it was weak, but didn’t deserve to be hammered by critics), it was a great opportunity for me to draft a marketing giant. I “sold” over 2500 copies in three days, which was huge by my standards. But, in order to take advantage of Amazon’s KDP Select marketing features, such as Countdown Deals, Free Promotions, and free lending via the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, I had to make the eBook available exclusively on Amazon for the 90 day KDP Select membership period. I had to de-list it everywhere else. Since Amazon completly dominated eBook sales, at least where my own book was concerned, this was no great loss for me. In fact, I never bothered to re-list it elsewhere.

Upload available as ePub now on Lulu

Until I got this tweet. So, this morning, I put the time into re-publishing it on Google Play, iTunes Books, Nook Books, Kobo, and Lulu. It will take a few days, and I’ll post here as I see the lights coming on again. Right now, if you are looking for Upload in ePub format, you can definitely find it on Lulu.

Thank you, @Transmitthis, for reminding me that there are in fact people out there reading eBooks on something other than a Kindle.


The eBook is now available on Kobo and Google Play Books as well.

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