Upload vs. Ready Player One: Join the Discussion on Goodreads

My novel, Upload, has been compared to Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One (by Kirkus Reviews, among others), and I thought it would be interesting to discuss just how far the similarities go.  So I started a discussion thread on Goodreads with the post below.  Have an opinion?  Get over to Goodreads and join the discussion.

If you look at the Kirkus review for Ready Player One, Upload is listed as a suggested similar title. Both are accessible near-future science-fiction novels, set in dystopian worlds where virtual reality has taken precedence over “reality prime” (a term from Upload). Beyond this obvious similarity, to what degree do you think it makes sense to compare one to the other?

In William Cline’s much-discussed review of Ready Player One, he makes the following point:

“Wade’s dissatisfaction with a life spent entirely online is explored throughout the book, though never deeply. I would have liked to see the book explore this tension between the unifying and isolating effects of the online world in more detail.”

I feel Upload delivers some of what William was looking for, but as the author I’m not exactly an impartial judge. I’d love to hear what others think.

I’m also looking for more general discussion on the two titles. Do you think Kirkus made the right call here?

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