Another Great Customer Support Experience With Lulu

So far, I’ve had really great experiences with the customer support folks at Lulu.  In this particular case — and this is one to watch out for, Lulu authors — I discovered that the first forty-or-so pages of “Upload” were repeated.

Title page of "Upload" on what should have been page 41
Title page of “Upload” on what should have been page 41

I ordered it as a sample copy, and just happened to be flipping through it when I noticed that the page numbering seemed odd.  I discovered the title page… on what should have been page 41.

I filled out the complaint form on Lulu’s website, and they responded immediately, requesting that I send photos of the error.  I snapped a picture with my phone.  Within a couple of days, they got back to me asking whether I would prefer a refund or a replacement copy.  All rather painless.  Thanks, Lulu!

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