Kirkus Indie Review For Upload Is Live

“McClelland’s ambitious debut novel envisions a future in which the vanishing line between virtual reality and “organic life” causes an antisocial genius to conduct the ultimate evolutionary experiment… The author has a particular gift for describing the technological advances, brand names, pop-cultural references and unique detritus of a society dependent on machines for survival and ravaged by virtual-reality addiction… McClelland’s slick imagination remains in full gear until the novel’s unpredictable conclusion. A thoughtful tale resembling a sci-fi video game viewed in a funhouse mirror.” –Kirkus Indie

Check out the entire review.

The best part: the Kirkus reviews for “Ready Player One“, by Ernest Cline, and “Mona Lisa Overdrive“, by William Gibson, now list “Upload” as a suggested similar book.  While I don’t feel the folks at Kirkus Indie really “got” my book, it’s great to see it listed alongside such well regarded titles.

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