Double-Whammy At Century Guild Chicago: 40th Birthday + Book Release Party

I’m so excited for my 40th birthday party at the Century Guild Chicago pop-up gallery, TOMORROW, which my wife and I decided to make a double whammy: 40th Birthday + Book Release Party.  Thanks in advance to Nancy, for making it happen and being relentlessly awesome, to Jerry Suqi, for graciously offering his beautiful gallery space, to Tracy Kellner and Provenance Food & Wine for what will no doubt be a fabulous spread of wine and nummies, to Teresa Kirschbraun and City Lit Books for being on-hand to sell “Upload” (and for being the first brick-and-mortar store to carry my book!), and to all my friends who will be helping me celebrate two major life landmarks.

It’s no coincidence that the two events are being celebrated together.  It was the fact that Forty was looming so near that inspired me to make the final push to publish.  In a sense, I’m celebrating mortality’s success in forcing me to outwit trepidation.

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