Author Interview on Marvelocity Style

A big thank-you to my friend Chrystal Price for posting my first author interview on Marvelocity Style, the fun and informative lifestyle blog for her style consulting company.

What’s a style consultant, and what would she blog about?  “While fashion is my focus, this blog is dedicated to living your life in style.  That’s everything from food to clothing.  My job is to thoroughly study and understand trends and how to use them to my clients’ advantage.   I strive to snatch ideas from the runway and artfully apply them to my clients’ closets, no matter their budget, shape, or size.”

And how did someone as decidedly unstylish as myself end up on the blog of a style consultant?  Charity, mostly.  One look at me and Chrystal knew right away: I need all the help I can get.  But I like to think style isn’t all on the surface.  Who couldn’t use a little brain food to spruce up their conversation?  Next time you’re sipping Sazeracs with some high-caliber minds, do be surprised if Upload is the topic all the cool kids are talking about.  And with the help of Marvelocity Style, you can be one of the cool kids, too.

(If Upload actually comes up in the context of cocktailing, please let me know.  Cuz that would make my day.)

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