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Mark McClelland - Author PortraitMark McClelland studied Computer Science and Creative Writing at the University of Michigan’s Residential College, where he won a Hopwood Award for poetry.  After graduating in 1994, he sold his soul to his software career — and is now thinking he might need that back.  He writes in search of truths that defy simple, direct expression, and publishes to share his discoveries with others.

Mark lives in Chicago with his wife, Nancy, and two cats.  Outside of coding and writing, he enjoys traveling, reading, studying foreign languages, drawing, boating, and inventing cocktails as Senior Mixologist at Jo Snow Syrups.  He is currently working on a post-Singularity novel set some years after Upload.

Mark blogs about poetry, Android development, boat maintenance, and whatever else seems worth sharing at http://poetengineer.postach.io.

For more information, and a more personal angle, check out his author interviews:

To contact Mark, send email to markdmcclelland at gmail.  Or via Twitter.  Use hashtag #uploadthenovel to reference Upload.

2 thoughts on “About the Author”

  1. Mark, I also live in Logan Square (30 years) and after retiring from suburban municipal management have written two novels. I’m a little confused as to how to proceed in trying to get them published. I talked to Theresa at City Lit Books and she suggested you have experience. Would you be willing to spend a little time and share your insights? I’ve looked at Lulu, Amazon, lists of agents, and a bunch of ‘pay me and I’ll print your book’ places. Some offer cheap services and other will cost a bit. I’d like to jump the correct way the first time out.

    Could I buy you a cup of coffee?

    Rob Nelis

    1. Rob, your timing is remarkable, as I just got home from a trip to Kalamazoo, where I gave a talk on my experiences self-publishing. I would love to hear about your novels, your publishing goals, and your thoughts on the options you’ve seen so far.

      Email me to arrange a time and place: markdmcclelland at gmail.

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