Finally available on Nook Books!

For those of you with Nooks, now there’s no excuse — you can finally purchase “Upload” straight from Barnes & Noble, via Nook Books.  This is an especially important distribution channel, because B&N is the default bookseller over at Goodreads.  The blurb for “Upload” hasn’t shown up yet, but fellow authors at Lulu assure me it’s just a matter of time.

So far, Barnes & Noble has been the slowest of the booksellers, by far.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve searched for “McClelland Upload” at least once each day, to see if it had finally made it through whatever process they have for reviewing and releasing eBooks from Lulu.  I was shocked this evening when the search results consisted of one book, and it wasn’t “Upload: Etherpunk“, which, by remarkable coincidence, was co-written by one Nigel McClelland.  I repeated the search, double-checking to make sure I was on the right website, and it worked again.  Then I hopped over to Goodreads, to make sure their ISBN-driven link works, and it does.  All’s well.

Now it’s time to consider running an ad on Goodreads, which would be my first real attempt to promote the book, outside of spreading word of its publication among friends.

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